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New Spring Press proudly publishes scientific books and videos in the fields of health and nutrition and their impact on disease. We are the exclusive publishers of the scientific work of Nicholas J. Gonzalez MD and Dr. John Beard, the British scientist who pioneered the therapeutic uses of pancreatic enzymes. In addition to offering Dr. Gonzalez's award-winning books, we offer Dr. Gonzalez's lecture recordings


PROOF OF CONCEPT: In 1993, Nicholas Gonzalez, M.D. presented his BEST 25 cancer patient cases to the National Cancer Institute (NCI). This newly published book, Proof of Concept, documents Dr. Gonzalez's original presentation to the NCI including the appropriate medical records confirming each diagnosis. The Gonzalez Protocol® is based on the enzyme treatment for cancer. At this very early stage in his medical practice, Dr. Gonzalez was optimistic and believed that if he could prove that his protocol was effective for treating cancer, the NCI would support his nutritional cancer research. This presentation includes Gonzalez cases of breast cancer, endometrial cancer, adenoid cystic carcinoma, head and neck cancer, lung cancer, lymphoma, melanoma, ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, renal cell carcinoma, sarcoma and thyroid cancer. Proof of Concept features a foreword by Dr. Linda Isaacs. Order on Amazon


NUTRITION AND THE AUTONOMIC NERVOUS SYSTEM: Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez's book  Nutrition and the Autonomic Nervous System - The Scientific Foundations of The Gonzalez Protocol is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions. It won the 2018 Book Excellence Award in the category of Diet & Nutrition and was a finalist for the 2017 Best Book Award. 

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In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez (developer of The Gonzalez Protocol® for the treatment of cancer and other degenerative diseases) explains the importance of nutrition in maintaining and restoring the autonomic nervous system balance that is so crucial to good health.


CONQUERING CANCER: Dr. Gonzalez's two volume cancer case report book series, Conquering Cancer, published posthumously, is available on Amazon in hardback and Kindle editions. Both volumes were finalists for the 2017 Best Book Awards. 

Conquering Cancer: Volume One - 50 Pancreatic and Breast Cancer Patients on The Gonzalez Nutritional Protocol.

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Conquering Cancer: Volume Two - 62 Patients on The Gonzalez Protocol

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What Went Wrong: The Truth Behind the Clinical Trial of the Enzyme Treatment of Cancer by Nicholas J. Gonzalez, M.D., won a Silver Award in the Independent Book Publishers Association 2013 Benjamin Franklin Awards (Science category). For more information about the book, click here. An article adapted from the book, Some Thoughts about Scientific Bias, is available on The Nicholas Gonzalez Foundation website.
The Trophoblast and the Origins of Cancer by Nicholas J. Gonzalez, M.D., and Linda L. Isaacs, M.D. This monograph comprehensively reviews Dr. John Beard's theories regarding the origins of cancer and its treatment from the perspective of contemporary molecular biology. The authors include case histories of cancer patients successfully treated with an enzyme-based regimen. This book is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions.
The Enzyme Treatment of Cancer and Its Scientific Basis by Dr. John Beard. This volume, originally published in 1911, has been carefully reproduced as a hard cover edition with an added foreword by Dr. Gonzalez. It is currently out of print. 
One Man Alone by Dr. Nicholas J. Gonzalez. In this monograph, completed as partial fulfillment of his immunology training, Dr. Gonzalez reviewed the treatment and successes of William Donald Kelley DDS, who refined Dr. Beard's original approach to cancer. Although originally completed in 1986, One Man Alone was published in 2010, rewritten and with an updated introduction by Dr. Gonzalez. This research study has generated strong interest in the alternative and conventional medical world for more than two decades. This book is available in hardcover and Kindle editions on Amazon.
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